KP and COVID-19 as of 3-17-20

Krazy Paint is known for Krazy Fun but there’s nothing fun about an illness that can kill. This past weekend, much like the rest of the country and world, Corona Virus affected the Piston Powered Auto-Rama and Krazy Paint. Both events were shut down before they began. For KP, we got the word on the day we were supposed to set up our booth. We immediately changed gears and contacted everyone we knew was coming to warn them. It’s one thing to put on one of the biggest and most popular Charity Panel Jams in the country. This weekend, we learned it’s quite another to whoa one down to a complete stop and turn it around. With the help of much of the KP Family, we did it and saved a lot of unnecessary travel and possible exposure risk.

That was five days ago. Today, after conversations with our stakeholders, we have a direction to work away from KP 2020. We’re leaving it behind and turning our attention to next year’s show, which we are now calling Krazy Paint 2020/21. It will happen on March 12-14, 2021 as part of the Piston Powered Auto-Rama, March Motor Mania 2.0. Let’s address the many points by subject.

Our Plan – We’re taking the bull by the tail and facing the situation. But in typical KP fashion, we want more for our results. We want to go further so we decided we are gonna OWN this deal like a whiny little brat. KP 2020/21 will give artists and guests TWO years of panel jam crammed into one. How are we gonna do that? Hehehe, we’re already working on even more stunts, surprises and ‘Holy Kraps!’ than we’ve ever done. More news on that as it develops.

Do you have a piece of art you designated for KP and it has 2020 on it? Do what we did on our booth passes and other KP stuff. Put a slash after the 2020 and scrawl in /21 so it reads, 2020/21. The uglier and nastier the better. Take that, virus! Who’s yer Daddy???

Schedule Change – As of this point, we know of a few schedule changes for the show that will impact KP. This is an ongoing development, but we do know the stage schedule will change and we have plenty of time to absorb those changes. A new stage schedule is being produced.

It’s Not True – Many folks thought Cooz was frowning and sneering while he was in Kleveland to kiss off KP 2020. Turns out, his face was just frozen from lack of Florida heat. We hear he is thawing out nicely and the doctors say any frostbite will not be permanent and he can return to wearing Flip Flops in a week or so.

Sign-In – Those who were on the credential list for KP 2020 are AUTOMATICALLY locked in for KP 2020/21. If you are not planning on coming, let us know so we can open up spots to new folks. More details and dates to come on this subject.

Art Already In-House – If you have already sent us art, either because you could not attend or because you sent it in ahead of you being here, we’ll keep it for the next show. If you need us to send it back to you, let us know and we will. Those not attending are still entered for the Donut Hole Award.

Good News – JC kept playing the Vegas odds that the infamous Scully would not show at KP. Scully has jackpotted us for the past two years and now, he was a No Show for 2020. JC hit big betting against his buddy and won so much the Vegas bookies have already banned him for any action on Scully for next year. According to reports, there were seven zeros on his winning check. In true JC fashion, though, he spent it all on toilet paper. What a maroon!

Bowling Pin Art Swap – Sit on those bowling pins (wait – not literally) as we WILL have our Art Swap as part of Krazy Paint 2020/21. This will give time for more killer pins to be created. We figure you want to see ‘em all at once and wouldn’t that look kool? Here’s a new twist, watch for our new Sloppy Seconds deal on bowling pin swaps.

Awards – All our awards will carry over for KP 2020/21. That includes our newest award, the W&B Golden Chest Award. This one is for W&B’s fave pick of gilding work and includes $300 worth of W&B products. So, you can still get in on this kool contest.

What Happened to all those Snacks? – We asked everyone to help us stock our Snack Table at the show. Somehow (we think we know who) folks were told to send all those cookies and yummies to Fat Daddy. Don’t fall for it! When questioned about this, all he would say was, “Nom, nom, nom…Burp.”

We are Humbled…SERIOUSLY – We received countless calls and messages showing support as we had to back up the KP truck for 2020. From folks understanding how much work we ended up losing, to folks offering to send money to make up for what we lost with the cancellation. Wow! We’re blown away by all the love. Thanks, so much. You guys are the best and this makes us work even harder to give you TWO years’ worth of Charity Panel Jam in one, next year.

Questions – We will update this page so stop by and check the date for new info. Otherwise, send your questions to the KP three via our Facebook page.

KP 2020/21 – We’re gonna own it. Join us as we kick even more butt…

Krazy Paint All Stars Rock It!

Our 70 plus All Stars kept the streak going with yet another increase this year. When the dust settled, the total was $47,612.00 going to the Career and Technical School Foundation. Great job guys and gals. And we thank our corporate partners for making it all happen.

The show will return with March Motor Madness March 13-15, 2020! You gonna be there???

2018 Piston Power Logo Kontest Winners.

We are congratulating our IX Center Piston Power Logo Kontest winners!
These great artists won money and bragging rights for this year’s show.

First place and the design that will be on all the event shirts came from Jill Welsh. She will also be awarded a check for $500! 

Second place was also won by Jill and the Piston Power Show will add $250 to her check.

Third place was won by Tracey McKenzie, who won $100.

Congratulations to our Krazy Painters!

We WILL be doing this again next year so start watching around May for the official announcement. It’s an easy contest to join and we may be talking about YOU next year at this time.

Gonna join in??? Big bucks and bragging rights can be YOURS!!!

2017 Piston Power Logo Kontest Winners

The winning entry from Jill Welsh that will be on all the event T-Shirts

The winning entry from Jill Welsh that will be on all the event T-Shirts


We are congratulating our IX Center Piston Power Logo Kontest winners!
These brave souls won money and bragging rights for next year’s show.

First place and the design that will be on all the event shirts came from Jill Welsh. She will also be awarded a check for $500 at the show! Her kool design is on the left.

Second AND third place were won by Maggie Marquardt and she will take home the checks for $250 and $100. Her Kool designs are in the middle and right, respectively.

Congratulations to our Krazy Ladies!!

We WILL be doing this again next year so start watching around May for the official announcement. It’s an easy contest to join and we may be talking about YOU next year at this time.

Gonna join in??? Big bucks and bragging rights can be YOURS!!!




Krazy Paint Announces Our New Konsultants

Krazy Paint’s goal is to create a World Class Charity Panel Jam – pure and simple. To continue to live that philosophy, we are very happy to announce we have been graced with some of the big names in pinstriping who have expressed an interest in helping KP reach our goals. Working with these folks as well as other shows will help all of us in the many things we work for in our Jams.

The first new Krazy Paint Konsultant is none other than Sir Jack Lindenberger. Known for his tremendous talents and helping folks industry-wide, Sir Jack brings his valuable experience in both painting and Panel Jams to KP.

Our second Krazy Paint Konsultant is none other than East Coast Artie Schilling. Artie is another one of those talented painters that is at home on signs as well as lines. Along with his tremendous painting talent, Artie is also known for his very famous Artie’s Party in Syracuse, NY, one of the top Charity Panel Jams in the country! Truth be told, Artie has been helping Krazy Paint for years, and we thank him for that.

Our latest Krazy Paint Konsultant is Von Dago. From almost 50 years behind the brush to designing brushes, the ‘Dago has done it all. There’s not much he can’t do with his brushes and he’s not afraid to share that extensive knowledge. He has thrown in with us and will be at the 2017 show to sling paint and make the show better for everyone.

We thank Sir Jack, East Coast Artie and Von Dago for signing up with us and helping better Panel Jams everywhere. Regardless of what Jams you attend, we are all in this together to raise the awareness of our unique art.

2016 Piston Power Auto-Rama Logo Kontest Winners!


The IX-Center and Krazy Paint launched this kontest for the 2015 show where the basic idea was for Krazy Paint artists to design the logos for the show. The second annual Piston Power Auto-Rama Logo Kontest is history and first place goes to Sir Jack Lindenberger!

KP Kontest winner 16

But wait, there’s more!
Sir Jack also nabbed second place! WOW! Third place when to our own Fat Daddy and Honorable Mention went to Alex Hamilton with his two entries.

Jack’s winning design will be on all the show’s official Tee Shirts. How Kool is that? Plus, the top three entries won cash prizes, too!

Along with the winning design appearing  on the show’s T-shirts for all to see,  a portion of those sales will be donated to our charity, The Career and Technical School Foundation.

But wait, there’s more!

The winning entries will be auctioned off and that money will also go to our charity. What a great way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Cleveland Auto-Rama! Krazy Paint is honored to work with such kool artists! Thanks, guys!

Krazy Paint Returns with Our Two Exclusive Awards!

We put the Charity Panel Jam World on notice with these babies!

Your fave Charity Panel Jam originated two brand new and exclusive awards for our painters. These two awards can only be found at Krazy Paint and they’ll both be presented at Summit Racing I-X Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland, Ohio, March 16-18, 2018.

The Mack Brush Boss Award goes to the painter that sells the most pieces of art at Krazy Paint. The winner gets a Kool, Kustom-made Mack Brush Boss trophy and a Gift Certificate good for $150 of Mack Brush products.

The 1 Shot Hot Shot Award goes to the painter who’s one, single piece brings in the most money at Krazy Paint. That winner gets a Kool, Kustom-made 1 Shot Hot Shot trophy and $250 of 1 Shot Paint.

Krazy Paint is proud to announce both 1 Shot and Mack Brush have returned to recognize two great painters for their talent and hard work. Check out the rules and have a blast!


2017 – Jeff Whitaker and  Mark Matyjakowski 

2016 – Maggie Marquardt and Alex Hamilton

2015 – Tim McComas and Lynn Hagstom

2014 – Jill Welsh and Ryan Mohr


1. To make it better for everyone, no one person can win more than one award. In case of tie, the runner up will get the award.

2. The 1 Shot Hot Shot and Fat daddy Donut Hole Awards will be kept separate. 

We’re the Panel Jam that rewards artists the most! And there’s more to come with three new awards for 2018!

Cassandra Seth is our Auctioneer!

We are proud to announce Cassandra Seth, well known professional auctioneer and friend to the pinstriping community, has joined our family as the Auctioneer for Krazy Paint!

Cassandra brings her vast knowledge and impeccable integrity to any auction she holds and did a great job raising money for our charity; the Career and Technical School Foundation (CTFS). Friends of Cassandra are welcome to join us!