REGISTRATION FOR Krazy Paint is open for the month of January

We keep our registration simple and quick so we can all get painting! Our process has three, easy steps that include knowing our policies, giving us your basic info and you getting what you need to get in. Once that’s done, you’ll be a part of Krazy Paint.

Remember this: REGISTRATION opens JANUARY FIRST at midnight and CLOSES when we fill up. There is NO at-show registration. The Summit Racing I-X Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama is a HUGE show with over 1500 vehicles and over 55,000 spectators walking over one million square feet. Imagine the number of people they have to process. We hope you can join us! We only have room for 81 painters so not everyone will be able to attend. Last year, we had over 140 folks wanting to attend.

Step One: Read and understand the policies we are all working with to make this show successful.

Our Policies

100% – From the start, this is a traditional, 100% Charity Panel Jam. That means ALL the money from anything and everything sold at Krazy Paint is donated to our charity. This also means no selling of anything unless ALL that money goes to the charity. If you are asked to paint a car that’s in the show, please do. Explain you are a Charity Panel Jam painter and all the money goes to the charity. Work through our custom order department to get the job started. We expect everyone to be professional and abide to this and all Piston Power Show rules.

Painters are encouraged to promote themselves with business cards and/or flyers at their work spot. Photo albums are OK, too.

Our show has grown and we are currently selling almost 600 pieces. We need each painter to deliver at least two finished items when they check in for this event. We also expect every painter to produce one item for every day they are at the show.

In return for the above contributions, each painter gets a Krazy Painter’s Package; which consists of the following and more:

One, three-day pass to the show

One, three-day parking pass

Food coupons for every day they are at the show

One Krazy Paint T-shirt

One Krazy (Goodie) Box

And lots more!

Step Two: Contact Fat Daddy via PM or EM to start the process. Give him the following info so he can send you our info form. 

Name (real name/painting name)
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Days you will be attending (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Step Three: Once we have your info and you are on the attending list, the show will mail you a parking pass with instructions on how to pick up your credentials. Then, it’s Krazy Paint time!

If you want to contribute to Krazy Paint without being there, use our contact page.  There is a special award for mail in art. Check out our Facebook page for details. Contact us here:

Thank you from your hosts,
JC23, Fat Daddy, Cooz, the Krazy Krew and The Career and Technical School Foundation