Donations – We can use pretty much anything you can donate but here’s our three biggest needs:

Goodie Bag Items – We pride ourselves on giving our painters the most we can so they will want to continue to be the integral part of Krazy Paint that they are. Typically, goodie bags can contain pretty much anything. We shoot for T-Shirts, hats, gift cards, freebie coupons, everyday items we all use and most anything art-related. Even the bags themselves are donated.

Items to Paint – We always need things to paint but they must have a smooth surface. We like to stock the staples of a good panel jam such as metal panels (pretty much any size), toilet seats (not the soft kind, please), mailboxes, (again, must be the smooth finish) and wood cabinet doors. We also look for the unusual in signs we can repaint, car parts, surfboards, ceiling fan blades, toolboxes, lunch pails and more. Take a look at our photo gallery to see what we do. Also, check out ‘Watching Out for Krazy Paint’ below.

Money! – It takes money to keep the Krazy Paint Charity Panel Jam going. We always turn over all of the money people pay for our painted items to our charity. But we don’t get everything we need to produce Krazy Paint donated. That means we need to buy items such as rags, paper cups and brush cleaner for our painters and that money has to come from somewhere. Add to that our website costs, booth display equipment, printed materials and, well, you get the idea. The Krazy Paint Team donates much of this ourselves but we spend most of our money on the items we paint. A lot of people donate their time and money to make it happen and we appreciate that a bunch! Thanks in advance for helping! If you have any questions about donating, please use the contact us page. (Link)


Watching Out for Krazy Paint

Here’s what the Krazy Paint Team does to keep items coming into our Charity Panel Jam.

Garage Sales – These are a great source for items and when you are buying just a few bucks at a time, it makes it easier to donate. We watch out for the items listed above and often, when we say they are going for charity, we get a better deal or even for free.

Panels to Paint and Cabinet Doors – Know somebody that works with sheetmetal? We ask businesses for their ‘drops’ or the pieces leftover that they would normally scrap. Metal panels should be at least one foot square so a good image can be created. The same is true for wood cabinet doors that make great panels. And don’t worry, any holes in the doors can be filled.

Factory Second Pieces – Know someone with a business? Their blemish pieces are often scrapped whereas we can turn them into a donation to charity. As long as the scratch or dent isn’t too bad, we can usually save it.