Your hosts go by a few different names. They are known as the KP3, The Three Stooges and the 3 Amigos. As much as they enjoy being the KP characters they are, they are real people with real names.

First off is John ‘JC’ Carollo. One of the originators of KP, he came up with the name, lettering style and even the backward K. He goes back to being a teenager and first using 1 Shot for his early sign painting career. When not slinging 1 Shot, he has a writing company, creating magazine articles and even books for the automotive aftermarket.

Next is Dave ‘Cooz’ Cusimano. Joining KP in the first year, he’s been into the sign and pinstriping world for many years, even having his own sign business. When not working the art registration department of KP, he designs furniture for his day job. He still paints and is also known for his Killer drawings of fun stuff like Betty Boop.

Rounding out the KP3, is Mark ‘Fat Daddy’ Hagstrom. Fat Daddy came aboard the second year of KP and has a strong career of painting going back to his teen years. At KP shows, he handles the Custom Painting department as well as all the credentials for the artists and workers. He kept at his painting and is a full time artist, working with pinstriping, cartoons and signs every day.