Krazy Paint Announces Our New Konsultants

Krazy Paint’s goal is to create a World Class Charity Panel Jam – pure and simple. To continue to live that philosophy, we are very happy to announce we have been graced with some of the big names in pinstriping who have expressed an interest in helping KP reach our goals. Working with these folks as well as other shows will help all of us in the many things we work for in our Jams.

The first new Krazy Paint Konsultant is none other than Sir Jack Lindenberger. Known for his tremendous talents and helping folks industry-wide, Sir Jack brings his valuable experience in both painting and Panel Jams to KP.

Our second Krazy Paint Konsultant is none other than East Coast Artie Schilling. Artie is another one of those talented painters that is at home on signs as well as lines. Along with his tremendous painting talent, Artie is also known for his very famous Artie’s Party in Syracuse, NY, one of the top Charity Panel Jams in the country! Truth be told, Artie has been helping Krazy Paint for years, and we thank him for that.

Our latest Krazy Paint Konsultant is Von Dago. From almost 50 years behind the brush to designing brushes, the ‘Dago has done it all. There’s not much he can’t do with his brushes and he’s not afraid to share that extensive knowledge. He has thrown in with us and will be at the 2017 show to sling paint and make the show better for everyone.

We thank Sir Jack, East Coast Artie and Von Dago for signing up with us and helping better Panel Jams everywhere. Regardless of what Jams you attend, we are all in this together to raise the awareness of our unique art.