Krazy Paint Returns with Our Two Exclusive Awards!

We put the Charity Panel Jam World on notice with these babies!

Your fave Charity Panel Jam originated two brand new and exclusive awards for our painters. These two awards can only be found at Krazy Paint and they’ll both be presented at Summit Racing I-X Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland, Ohio, March 16-18, 2018.

The Mack Brush Boss Award goes to the painter that sells the most pieces of art at Krazy Paint. The winner gets a Kool, Kustom-made Mack Brush Boss trophy and a Gift Certificate good for $150 of Mack Brush products.

The 1 Shot Hot Shot Award goes to the painter who’s one, single piece brings in the most money at Krazy Paint. That winner gets a Kool, Kustom-made 1 Shot Hot Shot trophy and $250 of 1 Shot Paint.

Krazy Paint is proud to announce both 1 Shot and Mack Brush have returned to recognize two great painters for their talent and hard work. Check out the rules and have a blast!


2017 – Jeff Whitaker and  Mark Matyjakowski 

2016 – Maggie Marquardt and Alex Hamilton

2015 – Tim McComas and Lynn Hagstom

2014 – Jill Welsh and Ryan Mohr


1. To make it better for everyone, no one person can win more than one award. In case of tie, the runner up will get the award.

2. The 1 Shot Hot Shot and Fat daddy Donut Hole Awards will be kept separate. 

We’re the Panel Jam that rewards artists the most! And there’s more to come with three new awards for 2018!