Krazy Paint, LLC is the nonprofit organization created by John Carollo and Ryan Mohr in 2010. The two pinstripers wanted to host a traditional Charity Panel Jam in Northern Ohio that would allow painters to have some fun networking and support kids’ charities. Krazy Paint, LLC continues the time-honored, pinstriper tradition where all of the money generated goes to kids’ charities.

Today, JohnMark Hagstrom, Dave Cusimano and a growing group of dedicated workers run what has become the fastest growing Charity Panel Jam in the industry. Their innovative approach to making it great for the painters and spectators has resulted in plenty of positive feedback from the artists. That equates into raising money for their charity, the Career and Technical School Foundation. Some of those innovations include the 1 Shot Hot Shot and Mack Brush Boss Awards. a musical Panel Jam, and the coveted “You Suck” Award; all industry exclusives.

Krazy Paint, LLC operates solely on the donations of people and corporations giving time, products and money to keep the event growing every year. Krazy Paint events are held at the Summit Racing I-X Center Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland, Ohio in March.  http://www.ixpistonpoweredautorama.com/ 

Krazy Paint’s Mission is to distribute automotive art knowledge while developing targeted innovation for Charity Panel Jams that raise money for kids’ causes.