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Krazy Paint at the 2016 Summit Racing I-X Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama!

Krazy Paint is the Charity Panel Jam for the Summit Racing I-X Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland, Ohio. With over one million square feet to hold over 1000 cars, they are the biggest indoor show in the world! Here’s the link to the show: www.pistonpowershow.com

The dates for 2016 are March 18-20. We’ll be in the same place, right next to the stage in the main hall. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about Krazy Paint and the 50th Anniversary of the Auto-Rama!

Here’s a look at Krazy Paint 2015 compliments of Big Al’s List: http://www.bigalslist.com/2015slides/Krazy-Paint-032315.htm

Krazy Paint Announces Our New Konsultants

Krazy Paint’s goal is to create a World Class Charity Panel Jam – pure and simple. To continue to live that philosophy, we are very happy to announce we have been graced with some of the big names in pinstriping who have expressed an interest in helping KP reach our goals. Working with these folks as well as other shows will help all of us in the many things we work for in our Jams.

The first new Krazy Paint Konsultant is none other than Sir Jack Lindenberger. Known for his tremendous talents and helping folks industry-wide, Sir Jack brings his valuable experience in both painting and Panel Jams to KP.

Our second Krazy Paint Konsultant is none other than East Coast Artie Schilling. Artie is another one of those talented painters that is at home on signs as well as lines. Along with his tremendous painting talent, Artie is also known for his very famous Artie’s Party in Syracuse, NY, one of the top Charity Panel Jams in the country! Truth be told, Artie has been helping Krazy Paint for years, and we thank him for that.

We thank Sir Jack and East Coast Artie for signing up with us and helping better Panel Jams everywhere. Regardless of what Jams you attend, we are all in this together to raise the awareness of our unique art.

Piston Power Auto-Rama Logo Kontest Winners!


The IX-Center and Krazy Paint launched this kontest for the 2015 show where the basic idea was for Krazy Paint artists to design the logos for the show. The second annual Piston Power Auto-Rama Logo Kontest is history and first place goes to Sir Jack Lindenberger!

KP Kontest winner 16

But wait, there’s more!
Sir Jack also nabbed second place! WOW! Third place when to our own Fat Daddy and Honorable Mention went to Alex Hamilton with his two entries.

Jack’s winning design will be on all the show’s official Tee Shirts. How Kool is that? Plus, the top three entries won cash prizes, too!

Along with the winning design appearing  on the show’s T-shirts for all to see,  a portion of those sales will be donated to our charity, The Career and Technical School Foundation.

But wait, there’s more!

The winning entries will be auctioned off and that money will also go to our charity. What a great way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Cleveland Auto-Rama! Krazy Paint is honored to work with such kool artists! Thanks, guys!

What They’re Saying

They say ‘word of mouth’ is the best recommendation. We don’t know who ‘they’ are but we agree and are posting some of the kool comments we’ve received.

Alex Hamilton – “THANK YOU! Krazy Paint Krew, This was the best Panel Jam I have ever been to! I can’t wait to come back again next year. I had a great time and met a lot of really cool people. Thanks again.”

VonSassy Tombe – “Thank you, John Carollo and all you guys at Krazy Paint. I was so honored to be a part of your auction because of the cause, but also because Mark W HagstromDave Cooz CusimanoRyan Mohr and you, John, have some of the biggest hearts out there. You all have given me support and encouragement along with some great advice. I appreciate the fact that you would even take the time to give a rookie some tips! I also love reading the friendly and sometimes very funny banter between you guys. It always makes me smile and warms my heart to see the friendship you all have. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of that and helping me get involved! I’m looking forward to next year and painting up some more stuff for you…. Thank you for the kind words it means the world to me.”

Krazy Paint Returns with Our Two Exclusive Awards!

We put the Charity Panel Jam World on notice with these babies!

Your fave Charity Panel Jam originated two brand new and exclusive awards for our painters. These two awards can only be found at Krazy Paint and they’ll both be presented at Summit Racing I-X Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland, Ohio, March 18-20, 2016.

The Mack Brush Boss Award goes to the painter that sells the most pieces of art at Krazy Paint. The winner gets a Kool, Kustom-made Mack Brush Boss trophy and a Gift Certificate good for $100 of Mack Brush Company products.

The 1 Shot Hot Shot Award goes to the painter who’s one, single piece brings in the most money at Krazy Paint. That winner gets a Kool, Kustom-made 1 Shot Hot Shot trophy and $100 of 1 Shot Paint.

Krazy Paint 2016 is proud to announce both 1 Shot and Mack Brush have returned to recognize two great painters for their talent and hard work. But winning either of these kool awards will be harder this next time. That’s because we’ll have more painters and more folks bidding on art at our new and bigger location. Check out the rules and have a blast!


2014 – Jill Welsh and Ryan Mohr

2015 – Tim McComas and Lynn Hagstom

2016 – YOU???

1. To make it better for everyone, no one person can win BOTH awards. In case of such an event, the runner up will get the award.

2. And to make it better for everyone, last year’s winners are not eligible. Anyone winning either award will not be eligible for THREE YEARS.

$100 worth of Mack Brush products and $100 worth of 1 Shot Paint will be doled out at Krazy Paint – the Charity Panel Jam that’s taking it to the next level! Be there or miss all the Kool stuff!

Cassandra Seth is our Auctioneer!

We are proud to announce Cassandra Seth, well known professional auctioneer and friend to the pinstriping community, has joined our family as the Auctioneer for Krazy Paint!

Cassandra brings her vast knowledge and impeccable integrity to any auction she holds and did a great job raising money for our charity; the Career and Technical School Foundation (CTFS). Friends of Cassandra are welcome to join us!

Meet Our Charity!

“The charity for Krazy Paint is the Career and Technical School Foundation (CTFS). The CTFS raises money to provide scholarships and buy supplies for Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC) students learning new careers such as art, construction and transportation to name a few. It’s a natural partnership as some students are in automotive programs including body and paint. In the future, CVCC students may be a part of Krazy Paint and will have the opportunity to paint and learn side by side with the artists.”

The above info was part of the first national coverage of Krazy Paint in HOTROD & RESTORATION MAGAZINE! How cool is that? They heard about us and wanted a story for the internet version of the magazine – Pics, too!

Here’s the link: www.hotrodandrestoration.com/e-news/21635/

Krazy Paint Generates Big Bucks for Charity

Summit Racing I-X Center Piston Powered Auto-Rama Presents Over $22,500 to The Career and Technical School Foundation!

The 2015 effort for what has become of the top features of the Summit Racing I-X Center Piston Powered Auto-Rama, the Krazy Paint Charity Panel Jam, generated big bucks for the show to present to a local foundation to help local kids. 

Krazy Paint, The Charity Panel Jam, gathered pinstripers and other automotive artists to paint items for sale and auction. In a time-honored pinstriper’s tradition, all of that money would go to a kid’s charity, The Career and Technical School Foundation.

The painters worked the entire three days of the show painting everything from purses to toilet seats, skateboards and even a brand new Soap Box Derby car. When their sales, auctions and even a raffle were done, $22,752.00 was handed over to Bill Perrine to present to the Career and Technical School Foundation. Perrine said, “This is a win/win for everyone involved. The show fans enjoy seeing the painters in action and buy Hot Rod art to help local kids. It’s always a joy to present this money to the Career and Technical School Foundation as we know they will use it to help kids with scholarships and supplies. Every year we try to shoot for more donations and our fans at the show did just that, almost doubling last year’s numbers.”

Krazy Paint is a local organization that bring together artists to raise these funds. Over 50 painters came from neighboring states as well as Canada to participate. Even more art was received from artists from around the country who sent in painted panels, airbrushed T Shirts and more Kustom Kulture items. Kustom Kulture art is highly collectible and The IX Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama is the new place for collectors to purchase such art. Krazy Paint works solely on donations for items to paint, supplies and goodie bag gifts to say thank you to their painters.

The Career and Technical School Foundation is a 5013C organization that’s been raising funds to provide scholarships for the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center and others for 13 years. Students are learning new careers such as art, construction and transportation to name a few. It’s a natural partnership as some students are in automotive programs including body and paint. Volunteers from the Foundation also helped run Krazy paint.

Plans are already being readied for Krazy Paint in the 2016 show at the I-X Center for an even bigger and better display and collection of Kustom Kulture art.